Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing You Need to Know

Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing You Need to Know - 2 - Elevate Your Small Business

Have you read up on every possible blog or book on Email Marketing? Despite the countless hours of reading and scrolling are you still unsure whether you should invest in email marketing?

Confusion aside, you are desperate to attract new customers while keeping your existing clients. But you can’t afford to invest your resources or time into something that won’t give you favorable results.

On the other hand you hear digital marketers say that that email marketing has no future.

Does that sound familiar?

Well, that is one marketing piece of advice you should never trust. 

Benefits of email marketing are a no brainer and we will show you why.

10 Email Marketing Benefits that Boost Sales

Here are 10 amazing benefits of email marketing that will help your business boost sales.

1) Affordable 


First things first, it will not cause a dent in your pockets. In fact, it is the most budget-friendly marketing channel, especially for small businesses.

When starting out, you can choose a free email marketing campaign tool, as the email list will be shorter. And there are no mailing costs.

Once you are completely sold on your email marketing strategy and are seeing effective results, you should definitely invest in it to reap more benefits. Even then, email marketing costs will still be affordable. Its cost is less compared to the advertising space online.

2) High Return on Investment    


Statistics show that email marketing can boost your ROI by 4400%. This means that you will get $44 back for every dollar you invest! This is a massive return.

You can give discounts and offers to boost your revenue and ROI. You can even send a discounted deal on their birthdays or anniversaries. Similarly, abandoned cart emails also work wonders in increasing sales. 

3) Brand Awareness


Out of sight is out of mind.

It is a simple fact. You must constantly talk to your customers to make them remember your products and services. To engage the audience, come up with creative subject lines. This can make your content memorable. Do not use the same subject line repeatedly and never use a shady subject line.

Another tip is to make your content relatable to the target audience. For example, use trendy and hip vocabulary if your customer base comprises millennials primarily. Add relevant links to your blog posts in the email. Create awareness around current events.

In short, stay relevant and consistent. 

4) Built-in Analytics


Many marketing platforms have built-in analytics that can help you measure results. The insights will provide you with information on whether your email marketing campaign was successful or not. It will also shed light on which area needs more work.

You can see critical data on click-through rates, bounced emails, or the number of unsubscribed people. This data can be used as the guidelines to devise more efficient future campaigns.

5) Personalized Content


Customized content takes email marketing a step ahead of different marketing channels.

Customers love it when they feel you see or care about them. Many people think you can send targeted emails based on people’s buying interests with automation and personalization. Personalized emails are the tip of the iceberg regarding email marketing.

You can create separate email lists according to the time zones so that you email subscribers when they are likely to open them. You can also separate the customers based on demographics such as geography, gender, age, occupation, etc.

Plus, you can include the receiver’s first name in the subject line. It is just that simple.

6) Customer Relationships


Unlike other marketing channels, emails do not aim to increase sales only. Email marketing strives to maintain loyal customers while also forging relationships with new customers.

Working on customer relations helps build trust in your label. In the long run, it will provide you with loyal customers that feel like family. This is especially necessary for small business owners.

Building a relationship takes time. You can do the following:

  • Send them birthday or anniversary emails.
  • Check-in on them in case of a calamity in their area.
  • Give exclusive news and offers to loyal customers.
  • Send personalized emails.

Make sure the tone of the copy is informal. Do not only send promotional emails.

7) Easily Sharable


Ever since the beginning of mankind, word of mouth has been the most used marketing technique. Why? Because it is effective. 

With email marketing, you can recreate this. You can prompt the subscribers to forward the email to their friends if they find it relevant. Offer them incentives to encourage referrals. It is also essential to create content that could increase your potential customers. Include helpful tips, practical recommendations, and other relevant content.

8) Automated Emails


Email marketing automation is one of the most valuable marketing tools. It can help you send an instant marketing message, such as welcome emails or confirmation emails. Prompt responses are not only gratifying but also establish trust. 

9) User Feedback


No one knows your products better than the users. So why not ask them for reviews?

While you are doing that, you can also ask them what new products they would like to see. The most effective marketing channel for receiving feedback are emails. You can email feedback surveys to all the customers. Or send an automated email after they have received the product.  

In the case of a survey form, you might want to offer them an incentive like a discount or a coupon. This is also an outstanding opportunity to collect information on your users’ demographics.

10) Access to Email List


With social media marketing, you lose all your followers if your account gets hacked. It can then take some time to build that contact list again.

However, with email marketing, you are never at risk of losing your subscribers like this.

You have a record of the subscribers’ addresses. You will not lose your contact list if you switch to a new email marketing software. And everything will be hunky-dory.

What could be better than this?


Investing in email marketing is exactly like investing in relationships. It is slow and consistent work. However, the benefits are unlimited. Hopefully, now you understand why email marketing is all the rage nowadays.

It has the potential to boost your sales, increase your ROI, and improve your brand recognition. Choose emails and set your marketing strategy for definite success.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us a message. We are here to answer all queries relating to email marketing.

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