MailerLite Review 2022: Is This the Best Software?

MailerLite Review 2022 - Elevate Your Small Business


It’s your usual Sunday morning. You are spending your free time window shopping online. After adding products to your cart, you shut your laptop and carry on with your day.

A few seconds pass by and you notice email notifications popping up on your phone screen. And guess what? They are all recommending the products you were browsing.

Well, this is marketing at its finest. Marketing through email has become an essential tool for most businesses. Suddenly the idea of applying this marketing strategy to your business pops up in your find.

You start navigating through the turbulent sea of email marketing software. And you come across MailerLite.

Look no further! Here is all about MailerLite there is to know.

So let’s begin.

What is MailerLite Email Marketing?

MailerLite Email Marketing Automation Campaign | MailerLite Logo | Analytics, Categories and Segmentation | MailerLite Review

MailerLite provides services that make planning an email marketing campaign a breeze. It can assist with email delivery and email list growth as well.

What sets MailerLite apart from the rest of the email service providers are the templates. You can design an email of your choice without knowing anything about coding.

How cool is that?


Here are all the features you can access when you join MailerLite. 

MailerLite: Email Marketing Software for Thriving Businesses

1) Personalized Email Marketing

With online businesses, personal interaction has become obsolete. Imagine a salesperson at a shop you frequently visit remembers your name. It would make you feel special because you connect with that brand.

Treating customers as humans instead of users on the other side of the screen can actually give a boost to your business. Personalized email is one way to build relationships with your customers.

Consumers are also more likely to engage with a customized email or newsletter. And MailerLite let’s you do that. But first let’s give you some insights about personalized emails.

Build Personalized Emails With MailerLite | MailerLite Logo

What are Personalized Emails?

Companies use customers’ data, such as their name, birth date, site, or recent purchases, to design an email with a personal touch. This way, the content is more relatable. It also builds trust between the consumer and the company.


You can add a personal touch to emails in many ways.

For instance, sending birthday greetings to the user. You can even offer them a special birthday discount.

For that add a personalized subject or opening line. This is something that grabs their attention and makes them immediately connect to the email. All in all, personalized emails are a win. And why is that so?

  • People will likely open the email when their name is in the subject line.
  • Personalized messages connect with the people. They are more likely to conduct business with you again.
  • Marketing emails can be annoying because they are irrelevant. Through personalization, you can target the relevant information to people.  
  • People like to be treated as humans and not just users or numbers. 

How to Add a Personal Touch to Emails

To build a meaningful relationship, humanize your brand. Tell the subscribers about your brand identity and values. Give them something to connect with. 

Here is how you can do that.

  • Build your Personality

The email should show your brand’s personality. Talk conversationally. If it goes with your brand identity, add something funny or quirky. You can even add recent trending memes or videos. This will draw more people.

  • Add Sender’s Name and Picture

Knowing that they are interacting with an actual person and not a robot makes a huge difference. So include a picture and the name of the sender.

  • Be Responsive

Make sure people know how and where to contact you. Also, ensure that you respond to them timely. 

  • Be Casual 

Send them a birthday wish or check in on them in case of any tragedies in their locality, such as fire outbreaks or heat waves.


Personalized Emails in MailerLite

How does MailerLite make it easier to send personalized messages?

MailerLite will gather the subscriber data, such as their name and address, from checkout or signup forms. You can use this data to formulate a personalized email newsletter.

For example, instead of an email that starts with a generic ‘Hello,’ you can write ` ‘Hello Martin” i.e. subscriber’s name.

Create and Customize your Emails and Newsletters with MailerLite’s Drag & Drop Editor | MailerLite Logo

Some other exciting features that you can access with MailerLite are:

  • You can include the subscriber’s name in the subject line. This will catch their attention instantly.
  • You can write pre-header text, which is the line that comes after the subject line. On mobile devices, it is more visible than the subject line.
  • The Postscript is just as important as the beginning of the email. People mostly only read the end and the beginning than the actual content. Make sure it is something worthwhile. 
  • You can include dynamic images using tools like Sirv.
  • Segmentation is a really cool feature. You can divide your target groups based on the activities they like more. For example, you can group your subscribers based on food choices if you are a food business. This way, the emails will be even more personal.
  • Group personalization is another handy feature. Sometimes you want to provide a piece of certain additional information to only a targeted group. Using MailerLite content blocks, you can hide that information from the rest of the receivers. That content will only be for a specific subscribers.
  • Nobody likes to wake up to their phone notification ringtone, only to realize it is a promotions message. MailerLite allows you to personalize the delivery time according to time zones.
  • Sometimes people do not add spam names on the forms. With MailerLite, you can review the subscriber data to ensure personalization does not backfire.

Now, are you wondering how to go beyond adding the subscriber’s name in a personalized email?

Well, here are some examples to get your mind’s gears moving. 

Amazon checks in with its customers using their shopping history. Sometimes you fill your cart and then abandon it. Amazon will send an email reminder that you ditched the cart.

An even more exciting email is when they send you recommendations for the product you have been looking for.


Another fine example is Spotify’s year in review; we all love it. People even share it on their social media.

Google is yet another good example. Its timeline update sends you an email showing all the places you visited that year. Google Photos sends you throwback pictures of the same day in previous years.

So rather than just including your name, it engages with your nostalgia.


2) Landing Pages

Creating a professional-looking landing page has never been this easier. Landing pages can help you with email signups and an increase in new subscribers.

Moreover, it can be used to direct users to feedback pages as well. You can also create a website page for your company’s specific services or products.

With MailerLite, you can design websites or landing pages that will help display your email address, contact number, and any other leads that subscribers might need.

Create and Build Beautiful Landing Pages with MailerLite’s Drag & Drop Editor | MailerLite Logo

You can choose from the many website templates that are available on MailerLite. The landing page editor utilizes the drag-and-drop tool.

This means you only have to add elements you like on the page. Coding is not required. You can, however, easily add a domain or SSL encryption.


3) Integrations

You can use MailerLite integrations with different businesses to manage them within the same platform. This can help you have an improved mailing list and better e-commerce functionality.

For example, MailerLite integrations are connected with Shopify and WooCommerce to deliver abandoned cart emails. You can also select social media integrations.


4) Email Automation

The ‘welcome email’, new subscribers receive when they sign up for a newsletter, or a blog is an automated email. This is a widespread practice, and you must wonder if it is effective.

And the answer is yes!

Although widespread, an automated email is a powerful form of digital marketing. And because it is automatic, you have to set it up only once. After that, it will keep running by itself.

MailerLite’s Email Automation Features | MailerLite Logo

What is Email Automation?

This feature enables you to send emails automatically without lifting a finger. You can set triggers that will activate these emails.

These can be behavioral triggers, such as something a subscriber did or time-sensitive triggers. Automation allows the emails to be sent out exactly when the subscribers need them.

Advantages of Automated Email

With MailerLite, it is effortless to automate your emails because it has many benefits for your company.

  • Automated emails will give you a high return on investment. Subscribers receive emails instantly, which satisfies their need for instant gratification.
  • Automated emails have higher click-through and opening rates than mass emails.
  • It can help you improve your conversion rate.

How to Use MaterLite Automated Email Tool

  1. Tag Subscribers Automatically

When someone is in search of a particular product, say sunglasses, MailerLite will automatically segment them into a target group for sunglasses.

Then, they will receive email content regarding sunglasses. 

Instead of sending generic messages, subscriber tagging can help you reach the right group of people.

  1. Personalized Emails

As we discussed earlier, people love personalized emails just as much as they enjoy customized gifts. They are more likely to engage with such personalized marketing campaigns.

Using the MailerLite automation tool, you can create target groups based on site, age, interests, gender, and past behaviors. This way, you can send people from the subscribers section emails about things they care about.

  1. Improve Customer Retention

More important than attracting new subscribers is retaining older customers. With the MailerLite automated email tool, you can maintain relationships with your trusted subscribers. Thus ensuring they keep returning for more.


You can program triggers that send emails.

For example, Grammarly sends a reminder email a few days before the subscription expires. Similarly, Scribd sends emails offering discounts to people canceling their subscriptions. Both companies are using automated emails to retain customers.

Abandoned cart email as discussed earlier is another amazing feature. This is done by using an e-commerce integration. MailerLite services are integrated with Shopify and Woo Commerce to deliver abandoned cart emails.

Instead of just reminding them of the abandoned cart, incite them with discount codes and product recommendations.


5) Edit Template Design in MailerLite

Get the hang of MailerLite template design features is pretty easy for first timers. It will save the money you will use for hiring a graphic designer to design your email campaigns.

To design an email campaign with MailerLite, you must choose a template. You can then edit it using the drag-and-drop editor tool. It allows you to add features as you would like.

Get creative. Change the background, include any image or video, and insert Facebook or YouTube links. 

If you know HTML, you can enhance your emails using rich text and HTML.

MailerLite also has a built-in photo editor. You can add texts to your photos, crop them, adjust brightness and saturation, or even add pretty filters. It is a simple editor with a few tools, but for a quick fix, it is pretty handy.

Another user-friendly feature is the MailerLite File Manager. Bid farewell to the worry of losing your files. Create folders and arrange the campaigns. The folders can be integrated with the Google Drive account as well. You can even integrate Google sheets.

MailerLite ensures that all of your email campaign content is mobile-friendly. This way, you will not have to tweak your email to ensure the email opens appropriately on tablets and phones.


One of the key deciding factors for investing in this platform’s email list growth will be MailerLite pricing.

MailerLite Pricing Plans

Pricing/Cost for subscribers | Free Plan and Paid Plans | Includes Customer Support | Templates and Tools for Business | MailerLite Logo
  1. Free – $0 (Free for up to 1,000 subscribers)The free plan is the right plan for you if you are just starting out email marketing for your business.Even though it is free of cost, it offers you competitive services. Drag & drop editor tool, websites, 10 landing pages, email automation builder, signup forms, & pop-ups are some of the critical features of this pricing package. If interested, you can sign up for free on the MailerLite website. 
  2. Growing Business – $10 / month (For up to 1,000 subscribers)If you wish to require access to more features, you can subscribe to the Growing Business pricing plan.Additional features include unlimited websites, templates, and blogs; dynamic emails; auto-resend campaigns; and the option to build unsubscribe pages. You will get a 30-day free trial period when you subscribe to this plan.
  3. Advanced – $21 / month (For up to 1,000 subscribers)The advanced pricing plan offers even more exciting features. 24/7 customer support, advanced options for automated emails, integration with Facebook, HTML editor, marketing pop-ups, and numerous automatic triggers.Like in the Growing Business plan, you will get a 30-day free trial period upon subscription.
  4. Enterprise – Custom pricing (Businesses with over 100K subscribers)As a large enterprise, you will need enhanced features as well as a plan that is custom designed for you. The Enterprise plan is available at custom pricing based on the services you require.Along with all the features available in the Advanced plan, you will get a consultation for the IP & deliverability and a custom-built design for your landing page and newsletter.This plan is the right one for your enterprise because they will provide you with a manager who will assist you with a successful email marketing plan. Please note that these prices are for one month only. In the growing business and advanced plan, you get a 30-day trial period. And for enterprises, there is custom pricing. You will have to contact MailerLite for more details.

Key Differences Between Plans

Apart from the apparent difference in the pricing, each MailerLite plan offers a different level of service. 

The Free plan comes with the least amount of features. It allows for only one user and 12,000 emails monthly. You can build unlimited websites but only 10 landing pages. You can, however, not customize the landing page or newsletter template. The disadvantage of this plan is that you cannot remove the MailerLite logo. 

You will access the MailerLite academy, analysis reports, and basic customer support over email. Some features not included in this plan are A/B split testing, paid newsletters, and custom domains. 

The Growing Business plan will offer more features than the Free plan. You can deliver unlimited emails monthly. 

The MailerLite account will be accessible to three users. You can even customize the user permissions. 

It will provide the option to build an unlimited number of landing pages as well as the freedom to customize the page template. You can remove the MailerLite logo on this plan. Moreover, you will get API documentation, customs domains, A/B split testing, and many more features. 

Other than the access to the MailerLite academy and analysis reports, you will also be on a priority list for customer support.

The Advanced plan lets an unlimited number of users access the MailerLite account. This means that different members can team up to design a marketing campaign. You can decide the permissions each member will get.  

With this plan, you will get all the features and an unlimited number of automated emails, websites, landing pages, and segmentation. You will receive 24/7 customer support: live and over email. 

The Enterprise plan allows a custom-designed solution for businesses requiring even more features. It is for companies with subscribers of more than 100,000. 

This plan does not have a set pricing as it will depend on the services and features you choose

Dashboard | MailerLite Logo

Get Started

Get started with MailerLite for free.

Pros & Cons

To help you in your final decision, here is a list of the pros and cons of using MailerLite as your go-to email marketing software. 



  • Affordable – MailerLite is an affordable marketing tool. It will be worth every penny.
  • Free Plan – MailerLite’s free plan is great if you are starting a small business.
  • Easy to use – It is beginner friendly. Anybody can quickly learn the drag-and-drop editor interface.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – MailerLite offers 24/7 customer support via email and live chat. This will be available whether you have subscribed to the free plan, premium plan, or MailerPro. 
  • Approval Process – New subscribers must go through an approval process before accessing the MailerLite account. This ensures that the deliverability of MailerLite software is not compromised. 


  • Landing Page Editor – The landing page editor can be a little complex to use at times. A software update tweaking the editor tool is required. 
  • Customer Support responding time – Even though customer support is available 24/7, they may take longer to respond to complex issues. This is a downer. 
  • Not Enough Templates – MailerLite has built-in templates that you can choose from. However, they are not enough to last you a lifetime. 

 How to Get Started?

There are two ways to install the MailerLite software.


  1. Login to your WordPress account and open the admin panel.
  2. Go to the Plugins.
  3. Click on Add New.
  4. Search for the MailerLite plugin.
  5. Install the plugin to activate it.


  1. Install the MailerLite plugin.
  2. Upload your file to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Login to your WordPress account and open the admin panel.
  4. Go to the Plugins.
  5. Click on Add New.
  6. Search for the MailerLite plugin.
  7. Install the plugin to activate it.

Plugin features include:

  • You can easily add web forms from MailerLite to WordPress 
  • You can create new web forms
  • WordPress editor support
  • Subscribers’ list will automatically get saved to the MailerLite account
  • Place web forms using shortcode
  • Double opt-in signup
  • Updated plugin setting


Conclusion on Moonsend Company Review | Moosend Features | Pricing | Custom Data | Customer Support | Moosend Logo
Conclusion on MailerLite Company Review | MailerLite Features | Pricing | Custom Data | Customer Support | MailerLite Logo

MailerLite email marketing software provides superior quality functionality with an easy-to-use interface. They are available 24/7 to assist and support your business.

Their advanced features makes marketing through email a breeze for you, and that too at an affordable rate. Give MailerLite a try today and see if this is the right email marketing tool for your business.

Get started with MailerLite for free.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the difference between MailerLite and Mailchimp?MailerLite is available on an interactive dashboard that displays typical metrics for email marketing activity, subscribe-engagement devices, popular links, click maps, and opening locations. Mail Chimp offers, however, more detailed analytics – particularly in Standard plans.
  2. Is there a free version of MailerLite?MailerLite offers three different plans: free, growing business, and advanced. You can compare these options at prices on this website. Free plans automatically apply to each account when approved. It allows users to receive up to 2000 emails a month
  3. What is MailerLite pro?Mailerlite is a website building software and e-mail services that caters to small companies. It has great ease of use and is available for free. Quickly develop email newsletter templates and website building tools.
  4. How many audiences can I have with MailerLite?MailerLike offers 4 plans: Free, Growing Business, Advanced. and Enterprise. All accounts have a free plan if approved for free and automatically. Currently, there are 15,000 subscribers, and you can send 11,000 emails every 30 days.
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