AI Copywriting vs. Human Copywriting – What’s the Difference?

AI Copywriting vs. Human Copywriting - What's the Difference - Elevate Your Small Business - 2

(Fast forward to the future.) You are in the job market searching for a copywriting job. Your expertise include creating product descriptions, articles, press releases, social media content etc.

You wait and wait for an interview call but all in vain. Because now employers prefer copywriting tools over human copywriters.

A rush of emotions crosses you. You start to wonder how to run your finances to feed yourself? The thought of ending up on the streets scares you to the core.

Sounds a little extreme right?

(Rewind to the present.) Don’t worry! AI copywriting tools will not take your job. In the words of a famous person, “the expert doesn’t need to worry.”

So let’s dig deeper to see the difference between AI Copywriting tools and human copywriting.

How Does AI Content Generator Perform Search Engine Optimization?


Search engine optimization is a way for website designers or content creators to ensure their work is seen and shows up when relevant content is searched for. It is a simple game of analyzing competing companies and using similar keywords.

Simple, right? Not really.

Although it sounds simple in theory, using keywords smartly is tricky. A human copywriter can perform this task, but AI content generators can do so faster and flawlessly. Their natural language generation tool ensures content is relevant to your brand and the search intent.

When dealing with AI software, one thing needs to be kept in mind. They do not produce anything with human emotions or creativity. Thus making robot writers the perfect thing for jobs like SEO-conscious titling.

AI Copywriting Tools vs. Human Copywriting


Firstly, you need to understand that AI copywriting tools work on machine learning and are not substituting human copywriters. Copywriting tools act as an assistant for human writers to help along the writing process.

AI copywriting tools can enhance efficiency, automate the process, and gradually improve content or social media posts. Thus Artificial intelligence acts as a catalyst in producing quality content for social media posts, blogs and product descriptions.

Expecting a robot writer to perform tasks like writing letters or emails is sort of far-fetched. Hence AI writers are used for tasks that can be time-consuming and less efficient if humans carry them through.

On the flip side, if we delve into the cons of artificial intelligence we will notice that the writing and content are very 2 dimensional. Since we are catering for a human audience the content needs to be formulated in a way that creates a connection.

With that bit explained, let’s see why Artificial intelligence won’t be replacing human copywriters for a while.


1) Creative Interventions

An AI content generator can easily create blog posts, long social media posts, or even a product description for a new lip-gloss.

Then why is it that humans need to fine-tune the finished product?

It’s simple, machines can only carry out a task given to them, and they lack empathy, creativity, and, most importantly, awareness.

Nothing beats AI copywriting tools when it comes to creating basic content. But a human writer’s touch is essential for content that needs to be heartwarming, moving, and genuine.

2) Dependency on Human Writers

Even if robots can perform surgeries now, they need a coder to input commands and a doctor supervising every action to make informed decisions. The same goes for content creation using AI.

A program cannot run on its own and needs a human to run it, re-read and edit it before sending it out to be published.

Machines cannot make decisions based on heart or emotions. So a human writer needs to be present to make sure whatever is being sent out is appropriate.

3) Brand-Specific Content Marketing

Often, small business owners need to produce content that introduces their brand to a specific group of people. Capturing your target audience as a brand may mean spending reasonable time carving out content from your heart.

AI can surely help this process, but it can never generate quality content without significant tweaking.

Benefits of the AI Content Generators


Now don’t get us wrong. We still stand by our belief that artificial intelligence is the future. They are a fantastic content marketing tool for engaging a human writer, creating content faster and generating relevant keywords.

Here is why we love AI copywriting tools. These reasons will help transform your writing game.

1) High-Speed Web Searching

For a human to process, analyze and pick out data from other competing online sources in a matter of seconds is next to impossible. AI tools do all that while replicating your competitors’ content style and data on the world wide web.

AI tools are perfect for tasks that would take ages for a human to complete, and this is the perfect example. They are powerful content-creation tools.

2) Deadlines and Expectations

If you’re a business owner, AI copywriting tools will allow you to spend your time more productively.

Rather than sitting all day rummaging through piles of existing data and writing the content yourself, hand it over to the robot and work on your brand.

If you are a content creator, use AI writing tools to clear writer’s block and create relevance in your work.

Meet all your deadlines without breaking a sweat by using AI content generators.

3) Plagiarism Free Content

Unlike online spinning tools, AI copywriters create new content based on existing data. It’s not as simple as spinning and rewording.

AI copywriting can efficiently rewrite and reproduce data without overlapping. AI copywriting tools make sure to create engaging content without making it a direct copy of existing written content.

It is also an amazing tool to help mediocre writers elevate their skills.



For now, AI replacing humans can be put on the back burner. While both copywriters have obvious pros and cons, they need to work in harmony to create well-written content.

When it comes to the debate between AI and humans, we can go on all day, but the crux of the matter remains.

AI copywriting tools are an excellent resource for human writers. They can efficiently move the writing process along and shorten deadlines.

However, human intervention is essential to avoid monotonous, bland, and frankly, robotic content.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic in the comments below.

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