Is AI Copywriting Effective? What You Need to Know

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Imagine you are in the middle of writer’s block, and the deadline is just about to end. You try to work your fingers to the bone to finish your writing assignment, but the results don’t satisfy you.

You search on Google – how to overcome writer’s block? The suggestion of using an AI Copywriting tool pops up, surprising you to the core. But the question arises – is AI copywriting really effective?

The first and foremost thing to understand is that AI copywriting tools are not the primary source of copywriting but a guide you can follow. Many copywriting tools can be used to make the task easier.

Read on to find out what AI copywriting is, its benefits, how does an AI copywriting tool work, and whether it is effective or not.

What Is AI Copywriting?


AI copywriting is an intelligent way of employing AI tools to complete a strenuous task for you. AI copywriting tools search the web for patterns similar to your particular topic and generate optimized content.

Using Natural Language Processing, these copywriting tools can convert machine language into comprehendible content for humans to interpret and read.

Copywriting tools are a great way to save time and optimize tasks by having more than half of the work done through artificial intelligence.

How Does An AI Copywriting Tool Work?

AI software uses a simple analysis method in which the AI copywriter identifies patterns on the internet. Once it has found similar trends, it copies the tone and style of these sources to generate copies of the same style.

Most AI copywriters use a GPT-3, a pre-trained transformer that converts machine language into human language and vice versa.

Let us help you understand GPT-3 a little better. GPT-3 is a machine learning model that makes language predictions based on the information fed to it. The model is pre-trained in a multitude of words in many languages. It is a self-improving software that learns from the data collected and improves itself over time.

This makes the GPT-3 the perfect tool for language modeling or processing human-like content. It can assist in tasks such as machine translation, text summarization, text generation, and so on. Since it is a machine the output is also generated rather quickly which also makes it efficient.

Through the uses of the GPT-3 model, developers can create software and tools such as the AI copywriting tool and other AI language tools.

Benefits Of Using AI Copywriting Tools


There are some obvious pros and cons to using AI copywriting software. One thing is for sure AI copywriting tools are the future. They are choppy and still need a lot of work done to correct the tone of voice and produce high-quality content.

However, all that being said, AI copywriting has excellent benefits for a human copywriter.

So let’s see how you can benefit from AI copywriting:

1) Ease Of Use


Provide your AI copywriters with keywords related to your topic. You can also give a one-liner describing the subject, the name of the brand being promoted, and that’s all, folks!

The AI Copywriting tool will generate the content for you in seconds.

2) Cost Effective


Using an AI copywriting tool is considerably cheaper than hiring a professional to do it for you. Although there will be alterations in the AI-generated content, the tasks will be taken care of without much money.

Subscribing to AI copywriting tool will cost you less. The writers will charge more money and will require time to put together a good piece.

3) Helps With Writer’s Block


AI copywriting tools are a great bonus for people suffering from bad Writer’s block. AI copywriters will generate content created through artificial intelligence, which can then be read and edited by content writers.

It’s the best way to get creative juices flowing with minimal effort.

Where To Use AI Copywriting Software?


It’s best if human copywriters use AI copywriting tools in the following types of content.

Product Descriptions

AI tools are great for writing product descriptions. They can easily be used for mindless repetitive tasks such as writing product descriptions for websites or online stores.

Since product descriptions do not need to be heartfelt, an AI tool is perfect for this task.

Blog Title Or Headlines

AI writing tools use search engines to quickly find the right target audience for your blog post and generate multiple copies for you to choose from.

An AI content generator is perfect for this task since a computer can be more efficient than the human brain in finding SEO keywords. This is the best way to attract attention to your blog post with a click of a button.

Captions For Social Media Posts

Regarding generating several social media posts during the week, captioning and titling the posts can become repetitive and boring. AI copywriters create content that is optimal in nature and can attract more traction to your post.

Other places that AI copywriting tools may be used for are google ads and business landing pages.

Is AI Copywriting Worth It?


Coming back to our initial question, is AI Copywriting worth it? And if so, how effective is it?

These are two straightforward questions with straightforward answers: yes and no.

Yes, because AI writing tools are a great way to do the following things:

  • Save time and be efficient
  • Producing optimized outputs
  • Clearing Writer’s block
  • Increasing the efficiency of mindless and repetitive tasks.

It is worth considering the cost of hiring a professional and the time they will consume to complete the task. When you think about all of the pros, 100% AI copywriting is worth it.

However, when it comes to how effective the tools are, a few questions can be raised. If the scope of usage is minimal, and these tools are used in letters, email invites, or other places where a specific tone of voice is required, they may fall short.

Human copywriters have the upper hand on AI tools because they possess a vital part of content creation; emotions. If machines can be modeled to asses tones and styles in a text and respond accordingly, we may all live to see the day AI copywriters take over.

But until that day, AI copywriting will be a great time saver but not an all-in-one solution.



All in all, AI copywriting has a bunch of benefits that we can’t overlook. So investing in an AI copywriting tool can save you both time and money.

We hope you liked our article. Don’t hesitate to message us regarding AI copywriting related questions.

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