What is Email Marketing? Everything You Need to Know

What Is Email Marketing Everything You Need to Know - 2 - Elevate Your Small Business
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You searched ‘what is email marketing?‘ on Google, and it got you here. Lucky for you, this is a complete and quick email marketing guide that will help you boost your marketing efforts.

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that reaches out to existing and potential customers via email. You can inform customers of the new products, sales or discount offers or check in on them.

Today email marketing has become a part of our lives. You must have received automated emails after abandoning a cart on Amazon. Or an email recommending laptop deals after searching for the best laptop to buy in 2022.

These are some examples of how email marketing works. But most of these emails are sent to the spam folder automatically.

It is what it is. 

So, you need to devise an email marketing strategy that lands emails directly into your target audience’s inbox.

But first, let’s review in detail what email marketing is, when you should use it, and how to create your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing – The Ultimate Marketing Technique

No doubt, emails have become old-fashioned. But email marketing remains the most profitable digital marketing strategy to date. The first email marketing campaign was started in 1978 and was an instant success with over $10 million in sales.

Whether you are a small online business or a large corporation, your revenue will boost by email marketing.

At least 40 percent of marketers believe that email is the most reliable platform when it comes to marketing channels.

When to Use Email Marketing Strategy?

You might wonder why you need an email marketing program when other marketing channels work perfectly for you.

Sure they do, but email marketing remains the king of them all.

Why? Because with email marketing efforts, you can create long-lasting relationships that will provide consistent results.

Since the main goal is to build relationships and increase customer loyalty, email marketing is your ticket to success. But do note that each marketing strategy will have its own pros and cons. So be wise to use it to your own advantage.

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Nevertheless, email marketing can be utilized for many purposes besides sending promotional news.

Let’s review some one by one.

Marketing Services and Products

The most critical purpose behind email marketing is to market your services and products. However, make sure it is the right time. You do not want to promote your ice shoveling services during summer.

Engaging Customers

Many companies have started blog posts that share content relevant to their brand identity. You can promote your blogs via email marketing services.

This is an intelligent way to engage the customers, not just with the brand but with each other. It will create a community where people can get solutions to their problems.

Creating Brand Awareness

Make sure your brand is at the top of everyone’s mind. They might not need the sweatshirt you are selling right now.

But if they have been engaging with your memorable marketing messages, they are more likely to go to your shop when they do need one. And this sweet trick is called creating brand awareness.

Getting User Feedback

Use your email marketing platforms to get user feedback. Most of the time, people do have a lot to say. And people love it when you follow back.

How to Get Started with your Email Marketing Campaigns?

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Starting new email marketing campaigns can be overwhelming.

But don’t worry. We are here to help.

We have broken down the process into easily doable steps to help you figure out an effective email marketing campaign. These steps will help you write out an email that is actually an enjoyable read.

Step 1

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The first step to a successful email marketing campaign is understanding your target audience. So design your email content and campaign that speaks directly to your target audience.

This will help you increase your click through rates.

Step 2

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Secondly, define your email marketing goals. Understanding industry benchmarks can help you set realistic goals. 

For instance, let’s say you are launching your business. Your email marketing goal should be to increase brand awareness. But if you are an already established business, then your email marketing goal should be to increase sales.

Step 3

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Thirdly, you will need a list of people to send the email to. To build an email list you will need people to consent to receive an email. It may take time to build your email list. Especially if you are doing it organically.

Step 4

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Lastly, keep a track of your results. This will help you decipher if the marketing strategy is even working for you. The learnings can then be applied to future campaigns. 

Now that you are aware of how to start a successful email campaign, you need to learn how to deliver marketing emails so that the campaign is effective.

And for that you will be needing an email service provider for instance MailerLite.

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Email Service Provider

Email marketing provider services can help you with the finer details of email marketing strategies. Their email marketing tools can help you create the most effective email campaigns.

Additionally, email service providers also have the feature to help you measure the success rate of the email marketing strategy. You can use any free email marketing service available online for email marketing best practices.

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Here are a few ways that the best email marketing service providers can help you are:

  • Marketing platform with segmentation features
  • Templates for contact forms, welcome page, and landing page
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Eye-catching subject line
  • Email marketing automation
  • Email split testing
  • Marketing tool to help you follow the email regulations
  • Google Analytics to help you measure how successful the email marketing strategy is
  • You can even download the analysis reports
  • Additional marketing tools such as a website builder

4 Successful Email Marketing Tips

We may think that sending an email is a no-brainer. Still, an email for marketing purposes is vastly different from any other emails you may have sent before.

Wondering how so?

The language, tone, and timing can make a massive difference in the results.

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Below are some tips for an effective marketing email:

1) Call To Action

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It should be exciting and must catch the reader’s attention right away. A compelling call to action is relevant and relatable.

For example: “Claim your special birthday coupon”

2) Personalization

Source: https://www.grammar-monster.com/lessons/comma_with_dear_hello_and_hi.htm

People love personalized content. Make your email sound like you are talking to a friend. Use an informal tone. The benefit of using customized emails is that they have higher click through rates.

One way you can add a personal touch is to address the customer with their first name in the email subject line. Send them relevant information depending on their location or age group. Add information about the sender.

3) Automated Email

Source: https://sumo.com/stories/automated-email-templates

Automated emails can save time and effort. Automated Email Marketing Campaign is the new talk of the town.

You can use list segmentation to send separate emails to new customers and existing customers. There are many ways to send automated emails. Workflow and autoresponder are two of the most used methods of email automation. 

The welcome email the new subscribers receive is an example of an automated campaign.

4) Email Subject Line

Source: https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2014/03/31/email-subject-lines

Email subject lines should be concise. You can keep it relevant with the email content or exaggerate it to grab attention.

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Email Marketing Regulations

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Email marketing regulations protect the customer base from spam complaints or inappropriate emails. This way, the subscribers only get emails for which they have subscribed.

To keep your emails compliant with the email regulations, ensure your company name and address are included and visible in every email. Make the content of your email clear by writing a relevant subject line. Also ensure that the unsubscribe links are visible.

Your email can suffer from spam filters if it does not follow marketing regulations. After putting in so much effort, you do not want to be sent to a spam folder.

To avoid spam filters, use an email service provider that you trust. Avoid using spam trigger vocabulary in the email content.


Just like in any other relationship, the one thing to remember for effective email marketing is to treat your customer like a real person. Moreover, portray your brand image as that of a human and not just a company looking to boost sales.  

Be genuine and relatable, because this is what the customers enjoy the most. Take them along on your business journey via email marketing and you will not regret it.

We hope our blog post helped you! Don’t forget to share and let us know if you have any questions.

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