Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2022? You’ll Be Surprised

Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2022? You'll Be Surprised - Elevate Your Small Business
email marketing elevate your small business
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Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2022? You’ll Be Surprised

Email marketing doesn’t cost as much as PPC and video marketing and is much easier to implement. Moreover, the number of emails sent daily rose from 309.6 billion in 2021 to 333.2 billion in 2022

Sending marketing emails is a recognized method to drive more traffic, enhance brand awareness, and boost sales. 

But has email marketing stood the test of time? Is it more or less effective in 2022 than it was a few years ago?

We scoped out the internet’s most fascinating email marketing statistics and trends to answer these questions. 

5 Ways How Email Marketing is Still Effective in 2022

Let’s dissect the effectiveness of email marketing by establishing some facts:

1) Customers Find Email Personal

When a business is looking for a good way to connect with its target audience, email marketing is one of the first methods it should consider. 

A study by Bluecore revealed that customers across age groups believe that the most personal messages they receive from brands come in emails. 

More precisely, 60% of gen Z, 64% of millennials, 72% of gen Xers, and 74% of baby boomers believe that marketing emails are personal and effective.

In other words, getting into your visitors’ inboxes is one of the best ways to connect with them. Wishing them a happy holiday season, congratulating them on their birthdays, and sending unique promotions and discounts are great ways to drive sales.

2) Email Marketing is More Effective Than Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a primary means for businesses to captivate target audiences. 

As of 2021, over 4.26 billion people are using social media. But marketers often forget about the bigger picture:

There are more people with email accounts than with social media accounts. And this shouldn’t be a surprise since email was one of the original ways for people to conveniently talk to each other on the internet.

OptinMonster did some research and found that 58% of consumers go through their email in bed after they wake up. 20% open up a search engine, presumably to search news and sports updates. A smaller fraction (14%) check social media, most commonly Instagram. Only 5% check the news, and 3% log into their company intranet. 

What’s more interesting is that 60% of people subscribe to a brand’s email list expecting to receive promotional messages and discounts. On the other hand, only 20% of consumers who follow brands on social media follow them to get deals. 

With the odds of your target audience reading your marketing messaging high and buyer intent also high, email marketing is certainly more effective than social media marketing.

3) Email Marketing Has Excellent ROI

The popularity of email and the indisputable benefits email marketing offers result in a high ROI. A professionally-designed email marketing strategy can make a business a lot of money.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, the average business can expect a $42 return on every dollar spent on email marketing. 

4) Nine of Ten Marketers Rely on Email Marketing

email marketing elevate your small business
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The high ROI makes it unsurprising that email marketing is one of the preferred marketing methods among marketers worldwide.

Per the Content Marketing Institute, as many as 87% of marketers drive traffic to content using email marketing. More interestingly, email marketing is marginally less popular than social media marketing, with 89% of marketers using social media. 

Email marketing is also more popular as an organic channel than business websites, presentations at events (in-person and online), and blogs. 

5) Email Marketing Revenue Projected to Double by 2027

Statista estimates indicate that email marketing revenues will double in the next five years. Another Statista report projects that the number of people using emails will increase by 600 million by 2025

These stats make it clear that email marketing will remain an important marketing factor in the future. We can expect many innovations in email marketing in the coming years. 

Whether you’re a solopreneur, an SME owner, or run a well-known business, if you’re on the fence about implementing email marketing, use these estimates as motivation. The quicker you start email marketing, the higher the chances of your business staying competitive in the future.

Here are three email marketing trends you can tap into for email marketing success in 2022:

1) Personalization

GetResponse’s full analysis of email open rates throughout 2021 revealed that the average email open rate is 20.81%

But what’s interesting is that Yes Lifecycle Marketing says emails with personalized subject lines have 50% higher open rates

Customizing subject lines and greetings to include the customer’s name is a simple but effective tactic that can increase engagement and sales.

2) Micro-segmentation 

Email list segmentation involves dividing the list into different segments and tailoring unique messages to every segment. 

In 2022, companies are going from segmentation to micro-segmentation, delving into their subscriber’s behavioral data, understanding their preferences, and categorizing them accordingly. 

The best thing about segmentation is that incorporating it into an email strategy can increase open rates by 203%!

HubSpot reports that marketers using segmented campaigns saw an revenue boost of 760%

Some of the characteristics to factor into micro-segmentation include:

  • Primary locations such as home, office, and areas frequented
  • Buying habits such as favorite shopping times, food habits, and preferred email reading time
  • Travel history 

Marketers know that the target audience’s behavior keeps changing. So, these lists will need to be constantly renewed according to new behavioral patterns. 

3) Interactive Emails 

The best emails are those that engage the reader. And in these modern times, marketers don’t need to lay back on the newsletter format of emails anymore. 

Incorporating interactive content into emails is an excellent way to increase engagement. 

According to a report by Spiceworks, putting videos in an email can increase click rates by 300%. These are astounding results for a simple change.

Nowadays, marketers also include collapsible menus, GIFs, and sliders to give emails a better look. If you venture into making your emails interactive, ensure they are optimized for mobile devices since more than two out of five people check their email on their phones


The average person prefers receiving personalized emails than seeing tweets and social media posts from brands, so much so that about six out of ten people check their inbox right after they wake up. No wonder the ROI for email marketing is higher and most marketers choose email marketing as a primary marketing strategy.

With the facts and trends laid out for you, all that’s left to do is start an email list and wait for the increased engagement and revenue to follow suit.

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