How to Utilize Automated Email Marketing For Your Business?

How to Utilize Automated Email Marketing For Your Business - Elevate Your Small Business

Imagine this.

You spend hours painstakingly writing specific emails for each one of your customers. Simultaneously you don’t want to blast email after email to your entire subscriber list.

Why? Because if you send irrelevant emails, your customers may hit the unsubscribe button or send the email to the spam folder.

Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, it is!

Fortunately, you can avoid all this trouble and improve your return on investment with email automation. Email automation boosts your business’s revenue by sending timely and relevant emails to a particular audience.

Around 72% of the customers are more likely to engage with personalized emails. But creating customized emails can be a lengthy task when you have a long email list.

This is where automated email marketing can be an efficient and effective email marketing tool.

Let’s first understand email marketing automation.

What is Email Marketing Automation?


More than half of email marketing experts say that using at least one marketing automation tool can benefit your business. It guarantees a 4400% return on investment.

Automated email marketing lets you create personalized content for your potential and repeat customers. You will not have to manually send each email.

All you have to do is draft a personalized message and set a trigger. Whenever the trigger is activated, the email will be sent automatically. You can then utilize the time saved for other, more critical tasks.

To create personalized emails, your email marketing service will use email automation marketing tools to segment the marketing email lists.

Marketing email lists are based on purchase history, demographics, and personal preferences. Segmentation is another practical email marketing automation tool.

In contrast, email marketing campaigns keep on running in the background.

Are Automated Emails and Drip Campaigns the Same?

You are gravely mistaken if you are under the misconception that email automation is the same as a drip campaign. Both marketing tools are different in their email marketing efforts. Thus, providing you with widely different results.

A drip campaign is impersonal and generic. These are usually promotional emails that are sent to everyone. Drip email campaigns do not consider where the customer is in their sales funnel or customer journey.

On the contrary, automated email marketing is sent when specific triggers are met. And therefore, their content is tailored according to where the buyer is in their customer journey and sales funnel.

How to Improve Your Business by Using Email Automation?

Email automation is not a complicated concept. You just need the right email automation tool to get your desired results.

To further help you reap benefits, let’s look at 10 of the best email automation tips.

1) Automated Welcome Email


Welcome emails are the first impression you make on new customers. Make sure the welcome messages are memorable and impressive.

Welcome emails introduce your brand and its values to the customers. It will also communicate what to expect from future emails. 

2) Automated Email Content


Like with all marketing strategies, automated email campaigns also require strong storytelling skills. Design your email to be attractive in terms of content and visuals.

Compelling storytelling is the email marketing strategy behind higher sales. This is because stories connect us to each other, and you can create personalized content using this ancient technique.

Besides solid content, it is also necessary to make your subject lines catchy. Subject lines are the teaser to the email. So it should be interesting enough that people click on it.

You can include emojis and different fonts in the subject line to make it stand out. Use a maximum of 30 characters so that you do not have to change the subject line in case of mobile optimization.

Add elements of curiosity, urgency, and excitement in the subject line.

3) Split Testing Experiments


Split testing or A/B testing is the email automation tool that compares two renditions of the same message. The versions differ in language, tone, design elements, and tactics. The core message remains the same.  

Each group is sent a different version. Then the performance of each message is analyzed. The better-performing news is then utilized for automated email marketing campaigns.

4) Automated Emails Delivery Times


Timely emails are essential for the success of your automated email marketing campaign. You want to ensure that your customer base is active online when you deliver emails.

Try different time slots and check which time slot gives you a better ROI. This is when you should send automated emails to your customer base.

5) Segment Your Email Marketing List


Not everyone will be interested in everything your business provides. And you do not want to send irrelevant emails because that can have a negative impact on your customer engagement.

The solution is to segment all your email subscribers into different groups.

Email segmentation is one of the most powerful email marketing tools for email automation. This will also help you send more personalized emails that are helpful to the customers.

The email subscribers can be segmented on their purchase history or demographics.

6) Clear Call to Action


The call to action button should be prominent to prompt as many subscribers in the sales funnel.

After the customer has read about the fall wardrobe must-haves, there should be a clear “Shop Now” button that will take them to the online shop. Make it easier for the customers to take the desired action.

Since these are automated emails, the shopping suggestions are personalized and tailored to the customer’s choice.

7) Email Delivery Frequency


If you send too many automated emails, they can land in the spam folders. The spam filters automatically move such emails to the spam folder.

Other disadvantages can be a decrease in brand visibility and the number of subscribers. This can be detrimental to your automated email marketing campaigns.

8) E-commerce Integrations


If you own an eCommerce store, you must send customers transactional emails. Hence, eCommerce integration is a vital automation tool for online businesses.

An automated email marketing service that does not provide integration with eCommerce businesses is not of any use to you.

Delivering timely emails about purchase confirmation and shipping details will be challenging.

Another disadvantage is that you will not be able to analyze customer behavior because it is not covered by your automated email marketing software. It could make it challenging to improve your customer relationships.

9) Email Templates


Email automation tools may also include customizable templates. These can save you time and the cost you will spend designing these. The templates come at a minimal cost.

These automated email marketing services such as customizable templates will improve your brand awareness and customer relationships.

10) Real-time Analytics


How will you know that these automated email marketing tools are working for your business?

Analyze your data and marketing efforts. Is your ROI increasing, and are you targeting more potential customers?

Your email service provider will provide real-time analytics to determine key performance indicators. This is the only way to know how well email automation works for your business.


Once you have established a solid automated email campaign, you will significantly improve your business growth.

Automated emails can save time, improve customer relationships, and analyze your company’s growth.

Most importantly, an automated email campaign can boost your sales and help you nurture leads.

Let us know if there is anything else you want to know about email automation.

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